CallCam Spy: Updates

CallCam Spy Updates & Coming Features:
v 2.5

1. Users are able to designate specific directory for saving photos

2. Continuous Shots at user defined intervals!!


1. press Menu.

2. press “MultiShots” to start.

3. press Menu and then “End MultiShots” to end, or just simple click “End Call”.)

3. “White Bottom” bug fixed for Droid/Milestone.


v 2.3
Apr. 22, 2010

Supports Droid/Milestone!

v 2.2
Apr. 1, 2010

minor bug fix

v 2.0
Mar. 22, 2010

supports Android 1.6 (+) !! 😀

coming up next: Video Recording with AMAZINGLY fake interface!

v 1.1.1
Mar. 21, 2010

a minor bug fix to version 1.1

v 1.1
Mar. 17, 2010

1. app will restore the phone’s original ringtone mode correctly;

2. fixed issue: images cannot be saved on sdcard

v 1.0
Mar. 17, 2010

1.0 Released! =D

1. why can’t I find the pictures in my SDCard?

Please make sure that the phone is not connected with the computer. Sometimes when the phone is connected with the computer, the SDCard will be mounted as a usb device, so the app cannot gain access to the card.



  1. larry said,

    2010/04/13 at 12:43

    Do you have a lite/demo version availaable? I have straightpurchased apps only to find they are not even close to finished. Your interface and such look great, hoping for a trial, any hope in that?

    Thanks Larry

    • Yee said,

      2010/04/13 at 13:14

      usually one has a 24-hour trial period after purchase. if the app doesn’t meet the expectation, one can cancel the order, and no charges will be applied.
      meanwhile, thanks for your interest in our apps, a trial copy has been sent to your gmail.

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