CallCam Spy

We are proud to release our first application: CallCam Spy

This is a brand new photo-taking experience!

Want to take a picture of your friends more secretly and “naturally”?

This is what you are waiting for!

Just simply launch CallCam and you will “receive” a call from an unknown caller.

You may talk to him or her for a few seconds, and then “complain” a little bit about the bad signal facing your friend with the camera.

Click the “End Call” button. Voila, now you can share with your friends the pictures stored in the root of your SDCard.

To make your purchase worth it, more exciting functions will come, shortly! xD

Android 1.6(+) required, fully supports Nexus One & Droid/Milestone & Desire.


1. VERY Fake incoming phone call interface, makes taking a picture more “naturally”;

2. No shutter sound;

3. No flash light;

4. Vibrating notification when the picture is taken;

5. Pictures are saved in root folder of your SDCard;

6. more to come 😀

CallCam Spy Updates & Coming Features:

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