Left@Home, released!


With Left@Home installed and running, if you leave your phone at home, you’ll have no messages and phone calls missed at all!

How it works:
1. start the app and keep it running background, waiting for specific SMS commands
2. if you left your phone at home, just use another phone nearby to send a command to your phone to initiate the service (you’ll get feedbacks if the function is enabled in Settings )
3. all SMSs received at home will be forwarded to the phone you want (either the number from which start/stop commands are sent, or the number already specified in Settings earlier), and everyone who calls your phone will be notified the reachable number
4. you may stop the service at anytime


a known issue affecting Droid/Milestone

Users using high-resolution (480*854) Android devices like Droid/Milestone currently are having a “white-bottom” issue. this will be fixed in the coming ver 2.4.


CallCam Spy Updated, Supports Droid/Milestone!

We are delighted to announce that CallCam Spy ver. 2.3 now supports Droid/Milestone!!

CallCam Spy will be available for Droid/Milestone soon

We are currently working hard on bringing CallCam Spy for Droid/Miletone users. We are pleased to say that it will be ready very soon!

Crazy Cashier released!

Dare you challenge yourself to calculate continuously without any mistakes?

We are proud to present you our Android Game: Crazy Cashier

(Android 1.6, + / 320*480)

How to Play?

to start with, your role is a Cashier @ Aenjoyd Supermarket. Your job is to take care of the item each customer buys, and to calculate their changes correctly.

1. you should scan an item and drop the item into the delivery zone:

2. once you drop the item in the delivery zone, your customer will give you ENOUGH money 🙂

on the screen of the TV, you will see the price of the item (with a “-“) and how much they give you (with a “+”):

3. alright, then you have to press the “Cash” button , in order to give your customers their changes.

4. input the exact money you have to give back by using the numpad on the right side. if any mistake happens, do’t worry, just press the “<” clear button:

you will see your input below the green line on the left side:
5. when you figure the correct change, just hit the green “Check” button, and move on to your next customer:)
6. If you have done correctly, the sales of those items will be added into your total achievement. you can check how much time left, how much you have earned and what the goal is on the top left corner:
7. hey, how do we deal with a customer who uses an Aenjoyd Credit Card? that’s pretty easy:
just press the “CreditCard” button, and drag his/her credit card into the numpad area
8. I see an item with a discount label attached!
wow~ that’ll be a tough one.. Lets first press the “Discount” button , and then input the exact discount; take this one for example, lets just input “25”. you will see the result on the left side: . then, you have to hit green “Check” button, the discount will be automatically applied to the price.
What you have to do next, is just like the above process, hit “Cash” if the customer is paying cash, or “CreditCard” button if he/she is using the Aenjoyd Credit Card, input change mount or drag the card, then, finally hit the green “Check” button again.
Lets challenge ourselves, and see how we can handle these sometimes easy and sometimes tough Math problems. 😀   Hope you all will enjoy playing it.

Casino HighRoller Released!

Yes, this is our first game, Project IX: Casino HighRoller

Are you a good dice roller? 🙂 Download it and give it a try!

Requirement: Android 1.6(+), 320*480

Notice: Multi-player function, HighScore Board will be added later~ More fun to come!

Project IX soon to be released!

Weird isn’t it? We first announced Project X, and here comes a Project IX…

This is our first Android Game that will soon be released to the Market.

Different from Project X, Project IX is a single player game. After its first debut, we will work on multi-player function which will support more players to challenge each other over the Internet.

Stay tuned, we will be back soon! 🙂

Project X initiates!

Project X is an Android Strategy Game. Way of playing is unique and entertainment is guaranteed. Multi-player supported!

Edit (Mar. 30):

After project being discussed, we are determined to produce a simple game first. The original Project X is still going on. We will announce more info about Project X later.

CallCam Spy: Updates

CallCam Spy Updates & Coming Features:
v 2.5

1. Users are able to designate specific directory for saving photos

2. Continuous Shots at user defined intervals!!


1. press Menu.

2. press “MultiShots” to start.

3. press Menu and then “End MultiShots” to end, or just simple click “End Call”.)

3. “White Bottom” bug fixed for Droid/Milestone.


v 2.3
Apr. 22, 2010

Supports Droid/Milestone!

v 2.2
Apr. 1, 2010

minor bug fix

v 2.0
Mar. 22, 2010

supports Android 1.6 (+) !! 😀

coming up next: Video Recording with AMAZINGLY fake interface!

v 1.1.1
Mar. 21, 2010

a minor bug fix to version 1.1

v 1.1
Mar. 17, 2010

1. app will restore the phone’s original ringtone mode correctly;

2. fixed issue: images cannot be saved on sdcard

v 1.0
Mar. 17, 2010

1.0 Released! =D

1. why can’t I find the pictures in my SDCard?

Please make sure that the phone is not connected with the computer. Sometimes when the phone is connected with the computer, the SDCard will be mounted as a usb device, so the app cannot gain access to the card.

CallCam Spy

We are proud to release our first application: CallCam Spy

This is a brand new photo-taking experience!

Want to take a picture of your friends more secretly and “naturally”?

This is what you are waiting for!

Just simply launch CallCam and you will “receive” a call from an unknown caller.

You may talk to him or her for a few seconds, and then “complain” a little bit about the bad signal facing your friend with the camera.

Click the “End Call” button. Voila, now you can share with your friends the pictures stored in the root of your SDCard.

To make your purchase worth it, more exciting functions will come, shortly! xD

Android 1.6(+) required, fully supports Nexus One & Droid/Milestone & Desire.


1. VERY Fake incoming phone call interface, makes taking a picture more “naturally”;

2. No shutter sound;

3. No flash light;

4. Vibrating notification when the picture is taken;

5. Pictures are saved in root folder of your SDCard;

6. more to come 😀

CallCam Spy Updates & Coming Features:

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